As a child, I remember the incredible feeling of excitement that I felt whenever my mum came home with a toy or book for me. My joy was uncontrollable and I would smile from ear to ear, with an unrepressed urge to run around the house to show off my new gift. As a mother now, I notice the same excitement in my boys whenever anyone brings a toy or book for them.

This kind of feeling is what we hope to bring out in children whilst teaching them vital lessons on how to handle various social issues that may affect their future negatively, if not properly taught or addressed.

We want all our customers, young and old, to be more than happy with the books, toys and accessories they buy, as their expectations are met—always.

To this end, we develop, design and publish child-friendly books, toys and accessories. These products are to serve as conversation starters for all—children and adults alike—on issues affecting children.


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